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Frequently asked questions from our members:

How long will my treatment last?

It is impossible to say until you have been examined. For most conditions it is recommended that you allow about 45 minutes.

What should I do following a workplace injury?

Make an appointment with a physiotherapist for an initial treatment.  Whether the claim is accepted or not the first visit will be covered by Worksafe.  If your claim is accepted, you are eligible for 22 visits over 8 weeks from the time you start physiotherapy.  Depending on circumstances, an extension may be possible beyond the 8 weeks.

What should I wear?

You should wear or bring loose clothing which will allow easy examination of the areas which are injured (i.e. shorts for a knee problem).

How much does Physiotherapy treatment cost?

Physiotherapy was de-listed from the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) in 2002, meaning the plan no longer contributes to the cost of treatment for most patients. The majority of patients are paying for physiotherapy privately and submitting to their extended health plans.

PRIVATE FEE: $50 per visit.

**The following is information only. Please confirm your eligibility for any financial assistance or reimbursement with your extended health plan.

EXTENDED HEALTH PLANS usually cover a portion of the cost of physiotherapy with an annual limit. Please check with your provided to confirm your coverage as every plan and provider is different.

FINANCIALLY ELIGIBLE MSP RECIPIENTS may have partial coverage through Premium Assistance. Eligible recipients are covered for up to 10 visits per calendar year. There is a $5.00 user fee for those visits covered under MSP. Those 10 visits are shared between 5 practitioners: physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, and Non-surgical podiatry. **Please make sure to notify us at the time of booking if you have used any other services.

ICBC covers a portion of accepted claims, so you will need to pay an ICBC user fee of $20 for each visit. Please make sure to bring in your doctors referral, claim number, and adjustors contact information for us to obtain approval for your claim.

WORKSAFEBC covers the full cost of physiotherapy for approved claims. Please make sure to bring your doctors referral, written confirmation form WCB with your claim number

Please contact our front desk if you have any questions.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

We understand that things can come up and you may need to reschedule your appointment. We ask that you give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment, so that we can give your spot to another who is in pain.

If you fail to give adequate notice or miss your appointment all-together we reserve the right to charge a $20 ‘Missed Appointment’ fee.

Please let us know if you cannot make your appointment, because we don’t like to charge missed appointment fees.

What should I expect?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession specifically focused on managing musculoskeletal discomfort, pain and injury (DPI) conditions.

The Fleetwood Physio approach is simple.

  • A detailed assessment is undertaken to ascertain the problem and relevant contributing lifestyle factors will be discussed.
  • A physical examination is also performed to determine pain sensitive structures and any biomechanical factors will be identified. You should expect to be undressed sufficiently to allow the examination, but at all times be comfortable in what is happening. You have the right to a chaperone if necessary, you can either bring a friend or our female receptionist can be present.
  • A working diagnosis is then formed, including determining pain sensitive structures and biomechanical contributing factors.
  • The findings are discussed with the patient and a management approach agreed upon.
  • Treatment will often begin by managing the pain response and addressing any factors identified in the assessment process.

Physiotherapists have an array of techniques available.

Common treatments may include; manipulation, mobilisation, stretching, acupuncture, strengthening, massage, trigger point work and many more. Treatments will be individualised and directed at returning to full function eg a running programme for a runner.

Modern physiotherapists have a ‘hands on’ approach. You should expect to be moved and to take an active role in treatment.

Not all problems are simple.

Successful management of DPI is very dependent on effective assessment, treatment and continual re-assessment. A skilled Physiotherapist is an expert at understanding when to refer you on for further investigation or opinion eg. xray or referral through to a Sports Physician.

Within 1-4 sessions most conditions should show some improvement. You should be able to see of feel improvement in your problem. 

Useful questions to ask your physiotherapist

It is important to get fully informed about your condition, so feel free to ask all the questions you want. Some useful starters include:

  • What is the main problem? What is my diagnosis?
  • How serious is the problem?
  • What do I need to do to help my recovery?
  • Are there other contributing factors?
  • How can I avoid this happening again?
  • When can I return to normal activity/play?
  • What are the intermediate milestones?
  • Will this require many treatment sessions?
  • What happens if the problem is not getting better?

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession that fills a unique and vital role in our health care system. Physiotherapists work with individuals of all ages to break down barriers to physical function. As experts in their field, physiotherapists specialize in eliminating pain and physical limitations that arise from a wide variety of common injuries and conditions. These include:

  • acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • spinal conditions
  • nerve impingements
  • chronic pain
  • postural dysfunction
  • neurological injury or condition such as stroke or Multiple Sclerosis
  • lymphedema or other associated conditions in individuals with cancer

Physiotherapy is available through private clinics, and is included under most extended health benefit plans.

I was involved in a workplace injury or motor vehichle accident. Do you treat people with Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WCB) or Auto Insurance claims?

Yes, we would be happy to be your physiotherapy provider. We are able to bill your insurance provider directly for your treatment.

Will you contact my doctor to discuss your findings?

With your permission, your physiotherapist will discuss their clinical findings with your doctor and/or other members on your health care team.sportwetten

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You do not need a referral from your doctor prior to attending physiotherapy, as physiotherapists are considered primary health care providers. However, some insurance companies do require a referral from your doctor in order for you to be reimbursed for expenses.